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   How to Register for a SWS Meeting-

Follow the instructions below to register for SWS Meetings.

Contact: For questions or help:        Alice Talnack

                                                   cell – 831-332-3549


Under the header UPCOMING EVENTS scroll down to the next SWS Meeting, click.


Click on the header “Event Calendar”

Advance the calendar to the next SWS Meeting.

You will see the SWS Meeting event highlighted in green.  Click on the event.

On the right of the event page will be a “Register Now” button. Click to start your registration.

Login as a member using your Club Express password. This is the login & password you set up when you received the WELCOME MESSAGE from Club Express with a temporary password. This password is the one you use for all SWS Meeting registrations. It will not change unless you change it.  I do not have access to members passwords and cannot recover your password for you.

If at any time you forget or lose your permanent password, you will need to click the “Recover Username: and Password:” yourself or call Club Express for assistance.


If you are NOT a Club Express member, click the “Register Now” button on the right side. It will allow you to register. Scroll to the bottom of the page and type your first and last name, email address and phone #.  Where it asks for Organization, type in your chapter.

Once logged in, follow the registration process.  At the bottom of each page, click NEXT to proceed.

Each item is automatically selected by a green checkmark on the right.

If you do not want an item, click the green checkmark to delete that item from your registration.

If you are Registering for Yourself and a Guest/ 49 1/2, Friend 99s -
Two pages will be generated, the first one is for you with your name at the top. Complete that page for yourself of all items/activities you want. If you are paying Full Registration, your Saturday Banquet Dinner is included. Do not check "Additional Guest Dinner".
Next, will be page 2 with your guest's name at the top. Select all items/activities that your guest wants. If your guest wants Full Registration Saturday Banquet Dinner is included. If your guest is only attending the Saturday Banquet Dinner, then click the "Additional Guest Dinner" to select and pay for the dinner.


When you are Ready to Pay, click the pull-down menu for payment options.

Select either:

Pay with check - Make checks payable to the hosting chapter, not the SWS.


PayPal – Click the Yellow PayPal button. You may pay with your personal PayPal account.

If you want to pay with a credit card, scroll down the page until you see (debit or credit).


IMPORTANT:  Check all of your registration information before you make your payment.  Including all tours, meal selections, guests, etc. Check that the amounts agree.  If you see an error you can click the back button to correct.

Once you have paid you can not go back in and make changes.

If changes are needed, only a site administrator, or the SLO Section Meeting Treasurer can make the changes for you.

a copy of your registration.  Your confirmation email receipt will state you made a payment to the hosting chapter.